Monday, January 19, 2009

month 8!

hi my chunker,

this month has been pretty low-key. i'm sure your cute little brain is developing at an astonishing rate, but i haven't really noticed many physical developments...especially compared to last month! you are standing in your crib now, which has presented a few obstacles when it comes to nap and bedtime, but you seem to be over the novelty for the most part, or at least at bedtime.

the first night that we decided to let you cry, again, so that i could get more rest, just so happened to be the night you also learned to stand in your crib! needless to say, i was having to come in and lie you down several times to get you to go to sleep and when you woke in the middle of the night for the first week, i had to get up anyway and come into your room, because you knew how to get up, but not down.

i would love to say that you are sleeping thru the night, but it's not true. you do some that's a plus, but not always. i am not feeding you, unless you wake up after 6am, and then i do and we go back to sleep for a little while. i'm not quite sure what it is that you want from me on the nights you do wake up, and there doesn't seem to be any pattern on the nights you do wake up versus those you don't, so i have no idea how to proceed. i guess we'll just take it one night at a time.

auntie c is getting married at the end of next month and we are taking you to vegas for a night. i was highly opposed to taking you for the 3 days she is going to be there, so we figured out an alternate plan. we fly to vegas the afternoon of the wedding, spend the night, and then drive back to phoenix with grandma and grandpa d for 10 days. daddy can only stay for the first 3 days, but i am co-hosting your auntie l's baby shower, which just so happens to be the following weekend, so we are going to stay a bit longer. it will work out perfectly for everyone and mommy will get to spend some time with her girls. YAY!

it would be nice if you gave up your nighttime wakings by then, but if not then we will deal with it. i'm afraid, however, that we will have to start over by the time we get home. i will just have to stand firm against feeding you to get you to go back to sleep, no matter how sad your cry is. luckily you will have your own room at grandma and grandpa's house so we won't bug each other too much. =)

you are starting to cruise a bit around the coffee table, and changing your diaper has become quite an ordeal. you've decided that you would rather lie any which way but on your back while i'm trying to change you, and it's a development i could do without. although totally expected. i suppose i should be thankful it took you this long to figure out you don't have to just lie there and take it.

you are indeed eating better, and sleeping better, as i had hoped for at the end of last month. all in all i'd say it's been a good month for us, kiddo. you continue to make me all mushy inside and i want nothing more than to wake up and see your smile every day. there is no other job i would rather do than being your mommy.

you rock.