Monday, July 20, 2009

month 14!


yes, i really do call you this sometimes, but only when i'm mocking celebrity monickers such as these.

you are no longer my sweet little baby boy, nosiree, you are on the fast train towards being a boy, and i love almost every moment of it. things i do not love: you drinking your milk and spitting and/or letting it run out of your mouth, down your chin, and all over your clothes. i don't know why, but this drives me CRAZY. also, pulling my hair, hitting me, and kicking me during your rare (so far) tantrums. i would list the fact that you love to throw your food all over the floor, and only eat half of your lunch and then insist on eating half of mine, but i'd like to keep the dislikes list to a minimum. and let's be honest, you're a 14-month-old, of course you do those things!

you are pretty much only walking these days, and are finally standing up on your own. i thought that would have come before you walked, but whatever. i don't really read up on that stuff because i figure you'll do it when you're good and ready. i loved what to expect the first year, and thought i'd be all into what to expect: the toddler years, but no so much. i'd rather just enjoy things as they come. =)

you and mommy went to chicago at the beginning of the month to say goodbye to great grandma. it's a good thing we went when we did because she passed 2 days after we left. we got a couple great pictures of the 3 of us, and you would give her a kiss on command each time i told you to. you're such a sweet boy, my little monkey. i have to admit, staying at someone else's house without the luxuries of home is tough. you handled it like a champ though and slept thru the night the whole time we were there. and of course, everyone was won over by your sparkling smile and good nature. you sure know how to make your mama proud.

the night we got back from chicago, we survived our first tornado. we were locked out of the house for 3 hours, and couldn't even get in with the help of a locksmith. luckily our friend who was taking care of lula while we were gone, called at just the right moment and we had enough time to get inside and give you a bath before heading to the basement. we hung out watching the storm for a while and then i decided it was time to retire to the bathroom when the power went out. ignorance was bliss since i had no idea what to expect, and maintained my composure throughout. you and i played in the bathtub, in between snuggles, and you eventually fell asleep on my chest. you never do that, so it was a special moment for me.

you have 8 teeth now, and are currently cutting some molars. you eat great for the most part, and drink your milk like a good boy. when you're not spitting it out that is. ;) you're still in your 18 month clothes, and seem to have stopped growing for the time being. all that walking around is slimming you down, but you've still got your chunkalicious thighs. nibble, nibble. mmmmm, yum.

you love playing with puzzles, and reading books. you enjoy exerting your strength at every opportunity. daddy and i can't believe how strong you are! you give hugs and kisses now, and when you hug, you repeatedly squeeze your little hand on the back of my neck. you're still sleeping thru the night, but seem to wake up on weekends when daddy is home. i'm sure it's because you don't want to miss a moment with him while he's here, and i don't blame you one bit!

i somehow manage to love you more with every moment that passes, and no one can melt my heart the way you do little man. thank you for being you.