Thursday, July 31, 2008


today has not been the greatest day. it started out with me giving the monkey a boo boo while taking him out of the stroller and ended with a lot of frustration and a pounding headache. being a mom is wonderful, but some days it's so hard. it doesn't help that along with trying to take care of the monkey, i am about to move cross-country and have ten million things to do before we go. i am so excited but even though everything seems to be in place at last (we do definitely have a place to live, thank goodness), i think it's impossible to move without getting stressed out. hopefully tonight i will get some rest and tomorrow i will feel like myself again. wish me luck.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

month 2!


i love you so much my sweet monkey. there are so many things that i wanted to write about this month, and i told myself i should write them down and never did. i will have to rectify that in the future.

you are smiling now, and cooing, and you even giggled once. your favorite time is right after you wake up for your morning feeding and right before your morning nap. you are so smiley and sweet that i just want to eat you up. i give your belly kisses and talk to you and you just light up. i'm not gonna lie, it makes my heart melt a little.

days with you have become more predictable, thank goodness. no more growth spurts that make me question my milk supply, or whether breastfeeding is going to work. it's working splendidly and i am even considering doing it for the first year instead of only the first six months. who'd have thought? we will see how you feel about that when the time comes.

there was a week or so when you decided your bedtime was going to get progressively later and i had to put an end to that. i didn't let you nap after 4pm, except for maybe 30 minutes, and finally got you to bed before 11. now you seem to do so by yourself and that's nice. things have been kind of crazy this past week because we had our wedding reception last weekend, but you've still gone to sleep at a reasonable hour even with all of the commotion.

mommy's whole family came to the reception and you were a big hit. you met your great aunties, your great grandma, and a few cousins. when you were 5 weeks old we took you to north dakota and you met your other grandma and grandpa's, some cousins, your uncle, and great aunties as well. i started writing a post about our trip but i never got around to finishing it.

the trip to north dakota was slept the whole flight and 4 hour drive there. the week was a little rough at some points, but you were a trooper for the most part. at one point we thought that your daddy wouldn't be able to work there after all, but thankfully he will be, and we leave in 4 and a half weeks. you also slept the whole 4 hour drive and flight back. go monkey!

you took so many road trips while we were in north dakota that you now hate the car. you scream like someone is torturing your poor monkey butt, and the only thing that calms you even slightly is to rock the car seat side to side. i'm hoping this ends soon for obvious reasons.

you are still a great eater, and at your 2 month check up you had doubled your weight since birth. you have the most delicious thighs. and cheeks. and toes and fingers and hands and feet and ears and elbows and knees. =)

you are such a good baby and i love having you in my life. keep up the good work, son. ;)

lots of love,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

not okay!

tori spelling also calls her son monkey.