Sunday, December 11, 2011

9 months...and moving!

pickle pants,

i've never called you that, but now that's it come to me, i think i will start. :) tomorrow you are going to be 9 (!!!) months old and if that wasn't enough, we're moving back to AZ. i am terrified! and excited! and so many other things, i could dedicate an entire blog post to it (them? who has time for grammar anyway?).

so, you've been with us for as long as you lived inside me, and i have to say, "where in the hell has the time gone?" i wouldn't be your mom if there wasn't a swear word in there somewhere. ;) hardest habit to kick! haha. anyway, my darling girl, you are amazing! your smile, your laugh, your easygoing nature, you pretty much rock my socks off on a daily basis. you still suck at sleeping, but we won't get into that.

in the past few months since i last blogged, you started cruising, you said, "mama," and you finally decided to allow baby food to enter your mouth. it was kind of a fluke because you only did that day and the next, but i have to admit i don't try very hard, because i'm not really all that worried about. since we're moving back to AZ, and daddy doesn't have a job anymore, i'm going to have to get one, so you'll be nursing less and eating more soon, i'm sure.

we're not sure where this year is going to take us, baby girl, but hopefully to bigger and better things. that's all i'm going to say about that because this is supposed to be about YOU, but just know that everything i do, i do for you and your brother.

love you, pickleface.