Friday, January 9, 2009

fingers crossed

life has been craaaaazy around here for the past few weeks. the folks arrived a few days before christmas, and then there was christmas and all of the requisite baking, eating, cooking, and eating that goes along with it. then before we knew it new years came along, and now here we are a week and a half later and i have no idea where the time went.

we battled the monk's sleep issues until the sunday after christmas and then i decided to cut out the middle of the night feedings and just do one before i went to bed at night. he still woke up and cried anywhere between 1-4 times a night though, and since the monk learned to stand in his crib a few days prior, i was still getting up to lie his little butt down every time. after a full week of this, i decided i had had enough and made up my mind to let him cry, and what do you know? he slept thru the night that night. and the night after and the night after that.

this is good, right? wrong. last night he woke up at 12:30 and whimpered on and off for almost an hour. phil went in and snuggled him for a little while, which maybe you're not supposed to do, but daddy needs his snuggles, so far be it from me to mess with a daddy's monkey lovin'. i thought he had gone back to sleep and 5 minutes later he was whimpering again. not quite sure what that was about and thankfully he did not at any time stand in his crib, but it sounded so sad that i had to continually remind myself that going in there was only going to get me right back where we were a few weeks ago.

he eventually went to sleep on his own, and didn't wake up again, but man did he get me up early and he has just been fussing at me ever since! his morning nap was only 45 minutes, and his afternoon nap was only 30. guess he's just having an off day or maybe he's getting to the point where he doesn't need as much sleep? i hope not, because i am not sure i'm ready for that stage quite yet!

well, i started writing this post days ago and never got around to finishing it. that night the monk slept great again and was an angel all day. there may or may not have been another day in between, but last night was torture! i am thinking maybe he had a tummy ache because he promptly puked on me and daddy 3 times this morning and then took the most solid poop i've ever seen come out of his butt. however, after a nap (for both of us), we are as good as new and feeling fine once again.

i really need to get out of the habit of taking naps in the morning because i feel so L-A-Z-Y. i blame my parents. the whole time they were here, it was, "why don't you and phil go out tonight, why don't you go to lunch with your friends, why don't you go take a nap?" it was so damn fabulous i wasn't sure i could ever allow them to go home. ;)

newayz, i must go save my son from pulling an amp down on his head now. oh, joy.