Thursday, January 22, 2009

in the past 12 hours...

my son has managed to fall TWICE! and both times were, of course, my fault.

last night before bed, phil was throwing monkey in the air and catching him. i thought he was done and shut off the light just as he threw him into the air for the last time. he did not catch him.

this morning, while we were all playing in bed, jacob crawled over me and promptly flipped off the bed before i could get my hand out from under the covers to catch him.

is it bad that i just laugh at these things now???



Kate said...

Hey. If you can't laugh about it, you'd probably end up in a straight jacket. It's gonna happen. For the rest of his life. When I called my mom crying from the ER when I broke my leg, all she said was, "I suppose you were wearing heels." Hahaha!

And I wasn't. Very sensible shoes were on. Bastards.

Punky said...

I'm so very glad you are laughing. It's sooo much more fun to laugh WITH you. And I could totally see myself turning off the light!