Tuesday, September 23, 2008

month 4!

hi monka,

i am quickly running out of variations of the name monkey. i guess once i run out i will have to call you by your name? imagine that!

oddly enough, your nickname suits you perfectly because you are in fact a monkey. you like to hang upside down, sit on your daddy's shoulders, and hang over his back. when i tip you backwards off the couch you giggle every time. and speaking of giggling, you do so much more often and have also started squealing like crazy. sometimes these squeals of yours are not so cute. in fact, they are often ear shattering. and on top of that they can sometimes be filled with what i can only imagine is a small fraction of what your teenage attitude will be like. assuming you take after me, of course. ;)

monk, you are the only child i know that appears tortured by their toys. it is getting a little out of hand. grandma and grandpa d came for a visit a few weekends ago and while at sam's club we found you a baby einstein walker. we sat you in it in the middle of the store and you loved it. sometimes when i put you in it at home you scream like crazy and i can't figure out what the problem is. i lie you on the floor surrounded by toys and you end up crying each time. i am going to continue trying, but if you grow up and wonder why you never received toys as a small child this is the reason why. waste. of. money.

i would have written this on your actual birthday but your 4 month check up wasn't until yesterday so i waited so that i'd be able to post your newest height and weight. you are now 18 lbs, 10 oz and 25 1/2 inches long. i can't believe i ever worried about your weight because you are a champion eater and you can certainly tell by the size of your thighs. they are very chunkalicious indeed. as is the rest of you, my darling boy. i know everyone thinks their baby is the cutest baby alive, but you really are. i have no doubt what a handsome man you will be. hopefully you get over your desire to cry so often though because chicks don't dig whiners.

truthfully, you don't really cry that often unless you are waking up from a nap and are hungry, tired, or overstimulated. you are quite demanding though and if you don't like something you make sure to let me know. you love to walk around and take in the scenery and people around you. you smile for anyone who talks to you and are most content when in the snugli attached to mama.

we got your fat butt a new car seat last week and miraculously i think the endless screaming jags while in the car are over. i am crossing my fingers, legs, arms, and toes right now though because chances are as soon as i put that in print i will have jinxed myself.

MONKEY! guess what else happened?!?! on your 4 month birthday you rolled over! twice! and your papa and i missed it both times. you little stinker, i swear you did that on purpose and i can't coax you to do it again while i'm watching. you are scooting such far distances and so quickly now that i don't doubt you'll be crawling within a couple of months.

the doctor also told me yesterday that i can go ahead and start you on foods...rice cereal, veggies, and fruits. even though she said you will still nurse as much and it will probably cease your middle of the night feedings that you've unfortunately picked up again, i don't know that i'm ready quite yet. i think you are, but it's hard to explain the satisfaction i get knowing that all of your most chunky parts are due to me and the boob juice i provide for you. feeding time is also the one special time we share that no one else can partake in. and although at one time i found that slightly frustrating, now i love it. but, like i said, i think you are seem ready for a lot of things i'm not quite ready for. such is the life of a mom, i suppose.

you fell off the bed this month, monk. this is actually the 2nd time, but the 1st was daddy's fault and this was all mine. i cried and shook so hard that i could hardly breathe for an hour afterwards. thank god daddy was home because i did not handle it well. i do hope that when daddy is not home, i find a way to deal with situations like that more calmly. needless to say, you are fine, and i am fine and i can't believe how resilient you are. thank god you are okay, and please forgive me.

this month i have realized how truly blessed i am to be able to stay home with you. i enjoy our time together more and more each day and i am so glad i am the one that gets to be with you day in and day out to watch you grow. your daddy is the best and i am so thankful that he is doing this for us.

you amaze me more each day. but do me a favor? please stop growing up so fast. it makes my heart hurt. and i will try to never take one kiss, one nibble, one squeeze, or one smile for granted.




Maternal Mirth said...

Aaaaaw ... they do grow up fast! And there's nothing you can do to stop it or slow it down. It's a sad reality, but you are bringing a great human being into the world that will only make it better as they grow.

Really, he will :)

Mavity's Mommy said...

Your blogs always make me tear up a bit. *sniffle*

We miss you guys!