Wednesday, September 3, 2008

adventures in stay-at-home motherhood

oooooh buddy, was yesterday a fun day. since we've moved to north dakoooooota (i am already thinking with a north dakota accent. hopefully i will not start speaking with a north dakota accent) the monkey's papa has pretty much been around every day. yesterday was the first day he actually went to work for a full day so my new life as a stay-at-home mom officially began. it started out great, with the monkey smiling, screaching, and talking his butt off like usual. then the pooping began. and continued throughout the entire day. while i was feeding i felt and heard him take a huge poop so i finished feeding him and as soon as i sat him up to burp him i saw the poop. all over his back and all over the boppy. i immediately threw the boppy cover in hot water with some oxi clean laundry spray (best stuff ever!) and proceeded to clean the monk and attempt to clean the poop off the pillow itself. with my mission accomplished we went about our day as usual, had lunch with daddy and auntie and then came home. i decided a walk would be nice so i put the monk in his stroller and set off down the street. or i should say, UP the street as there were hills. in both directions. which is good for butt, but not so easy when your baby starts screaming bloody murder and you are trying to carry the baby and push the stroller uphill at the same time. when we got close enough to the house that i felt comfortable letting the boy scream the rest of the way, i plopped him back in the stroller and off we went. since we were so close, i figured there was no reason why he needed to be strapped into the stroller. i thought wrong. we made it home, i pushed him into the garage and just as i walked around to the front of the stroller, he comes sliding out the bottom just in time for me to catch him. note to self: never put baby in stroller unstrapped again. but don't worry, i was punished when i decided not to go to sleep until 1am and then heard the monk crying before i ever fell asleep. and then was woken up again at 3:30, 5:30, and finally for good at 7:30. needless to say, it's been a rough day! i'm hoping that he gets adjusted to his new home soon because i am not ready to revert back to the old days of waking every couple of hours.

in other news, i joined weight watchers today. and i start dance lessons on friday. in which i am supposed to wear a leotard. HA! and then i have the alzheimer's walk on saturday and mma fight on sunday. you could say i kind of love it here.

the end.


Maternal Mirth said...

Lucky bitch ... I HATE Los Angeles and being a working mom.


Punky said...

Look at you getting all involved in ND!

Mama-2-be said...

Good thing you have those mommy/ninja-like reflexes.

MELANIE said...

i loved reading this update (but would love to see some pictures too!). i start weight watchers on Friday! welcome to world of stay-at-home moms! i've only been a member for 11 months but i'm loving every minute of it. except the first three months pretty much sucked :)