Thursday, October 30, 2008


yesterday morning when the monk woke up i brought him into bed for his morning feeding and playtime like i do every day. after i fed him he made his poop face so i took him into his room, set him on his changing table and proceeded to take his pj's off to change him. these are the pj's, and i think any mom will agree here, that absolutely SUCK to put on and take off. they have a zipper that goes diagonally up one entire leg and all the way up the body, but require you to turn your infant into a pretzel and stuff the entire other leg in them. they are a PAIN IN THE ASS. to those of you who do not have a 20-some pound 5 month old, then maybe this is not an issue and for that i say, "you suck." unfortunately, i cannot seem to escape them so i deal. but i digress. as i'm pushing his pj's up in the back, my hand sliiiiiides all the way up his back and comes out covered in poop. this is just one of those things that i have to share...not so much so that it happened, but that i actually stopped to take a picture with my camera phone before washing it off! and then proceeded to text to every mom i know.

beats going to the office any day. =)


Maternal Mirth said...

Poop: the 1st shit your child gives you. Then the teen and tween years hit and there's a new kind of shit they give you. Turns out, you'd rather be dealing with poop