Saturday, August 2, 2008

today was a good day.

when i woke up this morning the first thing i thought was, "i HAVE to get out of this house today." our 2nd car broke down a few weeks ago and since we were planning on giving it to my parents when we moved anyway, we haven't bothered fixing it. this means that we are down to one car and i am stuck at home on the days monkey's daddy goes to work. it's not so bad for a day or two, or when my peeps come to visit me, but after a few days of just me and the monk, stuck in the house because it's too damn hot to go outside, i was about to lose my mind. even moreso when i realized that my better half (who am i kidding? i am TOTALLY the better half) took the car seat with him to work. i went to my parent's house to express my anguish over this unfortunate predicament and my dad, being the cool guy he is, went to his neighbor's house -whom he had never met before - introduced himself, and asked to borrow a car seat. not only did his nice neighbor say yes, he actually went and picked it up from another friend who had borrowed it and then told us to keep it as long as we needed. is that not the nicest thing ever???

needless to say, i have never been so happy to spend almost 2 hours in sam's club in my life. i happily traipsed around sampling a variety of tasty treats and purchasing clothes for the monk. why i am buying 12 and 18 month clothes already is beyond me, but i just can't help myself. especially not when i get an entire carter's outfit, pants and long-sleeved onesie, for under $7.00. in case you were unaware, it gets cooooooooold in north dakota.

speaking of which, as of monday, we only have 3 weeks left in this godforsaken desert and let me be the first to say, AMEN and HALLELUJAH!!! we walked to my parent's house (again, i know, but they only live a block away and they were feeding me...haha!) tonight and the wind was blowing. not the most pleasant feeling when it's 112 degrees outside and you feel like you're walking into a blow dryer. it may be cold in north dakota, but at least i can cuddle up on the couch with my boys, sip hot chocolate, and wear comfy pj's, whereas here it hardly gets cold enough to warrant putting the heat on. i am looking forward to having seasons again, and grass. green, green grass. woo hoo!

now i just need to finish packing...


Punky said...

Seasons? Some fool told you they have seasons in ND? Lol JK. The times I have been up there in has been beautiful, I just haven't been brave enough to go in the winter. My dad wants us up for this year though, so maybe in January? Wanna make the hours long drive to Fargo?

Maternal Mirth said...

ND??? Whaaaa???