Monday, August 18, 2008

month 3!

my darling boy,

mama cannot believe that you are 3 months old already. it feels like just yesterday that we brought you home. now all of a sudden you are a little person, no longer the little baby blob you were only a few short weeks ago.

your personality has really come out this month, monk. your smiles light up the room. you're talking up a storm and your giggles are the best thing i've ever heard. just this past week you said "mom" and "yeah." i'm not counting them as your first words because you had no idea what you were saying, but you really did and i am so proud of you! it's amazing how much your baby vocabulary has changed this month. i just love our little chats....they are my favorite part of our days together. well that and when you're my little snuggle bug. i can't get enough snuggles!

your grandma d is your favorite person at the moment. as soon as you see her and she talks to you or smiles at you, you grin from ear to ear. she dances around her living room with you singing and rocking you and you just love it! her and grandpa are really going to miss you when we move next week. they have been such a big help to daddy and i since you were born. it is going to be hard to leave them.

you are sleeping "thru the night" now. you usually fall asleep by 9:30 and then sleep until 4am (although once or twice you have slept until 5 or 6am) and again until between 8 and 9. mama is a much happy camper now that she is getting a little more rest. i have a lot more patience when you get fussy. also - one night just before you turned 10 weeks old - daddy tried to put you in your crib and i wasn't ready. the next night i was and you have slept in your crib every night since. for the first few nights i would bring you back to our room and put you in your bassinet, but then i decided we might all sleep a little better if i left you in your crib. i was right.

your changing table is your favorite place, you little weirdo. you smile, laugh, kick your little legs, and talk to me more when you're lying down on that thing than any other time. i hope you continue to be a good boy while you're getting your diaper changed because it makes changing you much easier!

we left you with grandpa and grandpa d last night while we went to the melting pot (YUM!) and you refused to take a bottle. it has been a month since you last had one and i hadn't even thought you might refuse because you were so good on the bottle in your early days before we kicked breastfeedings ass. i guess you're officially a boob boy now. but, since me and daddy are going to see tom petty on wednesday we had to find a solution to that dilemma. we went and got you the first years breastflow bottle today and daddy is trying to feed you right now. i don't hear you screaming and sputtering so that is a good sign. i am not missing tom petty. not even for you my little munchkin. ;)

let's love baby einstein videos, but still hate your swing. you now have to face forward in your snugli or you won't have it. we can sit you in the bumbo and you will chew on your teething towel for a few minutes without getting cranky. you have a jumpy swing that we hang in the doorway and you like to play in that. you have even fallen asleep in there a few times. aside from that you still prefer human interaction. mama has her work cut out for her in the entertainment department. and you still abhor your car seat - much to our dismay.

when we play with you we often lie you flat on your back, let you grab our fingers, and tell you to sit up. and you know what, monk? you do! you get the cutest little look on your face, like you're about to take a big poop, make a little "o" with your mouth, and you lift your little head and back up off the bed. you are so smart. and the best news of all is that you almost rolled over today!

you are so strong, and so smart, and it is so much fun to watch you grow. mommy and daddy love you more than anything, baby boy.


***update: at your 3 month check up today you weighed 17 lbs 3.5 oz. you are one chunky monkey for sure!


Punky said...

Have fun at Petty!!

I sure hope you have good internet up there so we can get plenty of these updates!!

Mama-2-be said...

All I have to say is, "Absolutely precious!"