Monday, March 29, 2010

now or never

updates are clearly a thing of the past around here, so i thought i'd take a few minutes to share some of what's going on!

jacob is now sleeping in a big boy bed. it's been 3 nights so far, 2 of which he's slept thru the night. for the 10 days leading up to the big boy bed, he had been climbing out of his crib multiple times in the middle of the night, turning me into a monster. i do not do middle-of-the-night very well now that i have had a taste of 8 consecutive hours of sleep. everyone told me he was ready for a big boy bed and i refused to believe it, mostly because i wasn't ready for my big boy to be a big boy. i'm still not ready for a big boy bed, or big boy anything for that matter - my son is not even 2!!! - but he seems to like it. i even caved and bought him a cars bedding set to make it extra exciting. something i swore i'd never do since i hate character ANYTHING, but i think i love cars even more than he does. =)

i am 1 quiz away from finishing my 4th of 5 courses in medical transcriptioning. i mostly started as a way to keep busy and use my brain while phil was away last year. i figured it would be something to stimulate me intellectually and bring in some extra $$$'s at the same time. i am pleased to annouce i am kicking some serious medical transcriptioning ass. also, i ran a mile yesterday! go me!

my parents are coming on wednesday to spend easter with us. thank god for personal trader joe's delivery! then at the end of the month we're all going to ga to see my other son. can't wait to watch the boys play together. in june i'm taking phil to memphis for his birthday. mostly to visit the gibson guitar factory, but also because we plan on trying for another baby this summer and need to get away just the two of us. we never went on a honeymoon and the only other trip we took just us was to san francisco where i ended up with food poisoning on the 2nd day. we are long overdue!

jacob is talking so much these days...he is so sweet and lovable and squeezable and everything you want your baby to be one second and then the next he turns into a screaming, whining little monster. gotta love the 2's. he loves his "melmo" book and goodnight moon before bed every night. he would spend every waking moment outside if we let him. he's wearing 2T or 3T depending on the brand, eating like a champ (he likes tilapia!), and amazing me more every day with how utterly awesome he is.

all in all, life is good. :)