Wednesday, March 18, 2009

month 10!

baby boy,

this month is going to be a bullet point list of all the things i can remember you doing over the past month. :)

- you are waving now. quite possibly the cutest thing EVER.

- getting you dressed and changing your diaper is like training for the WWF.

- you can now crawl down the stairs.

- your climbing prowess is growing at an alarming rate.

- you are becoming quite the snuggle bug.

- you LOVE playing with other kids, and i love watching.

- you got your first cold this month when we took you to phoenix.

- flying on an airplane alone with you is something i never want to do again!

- you are still waking up at night, and we are trying once again to break you of this habit.

- since you got sick, i do not even try to feed you baby food anymore.

- you like eating big people food, and the freedom of feeding yourself, but you don't eat much.

- you say, "dada" all day long. especially when i try to get you to say "mama." stinker.

- in 2 months, you are going to be 1. HOLY CRAP.

we love you the mostest.



Punky said...

I'm gonna win the lottery one of these days so I can fly up there and see you!!