Wednesday, February 18, 2009

wedded bliss

i stole this from dooce, it's different. so, in case you were ever wondering about phil & i, and our relationship, here are all of the gory details!

what are your middle names?

mine is ann (elizabeth if you count my confirmation name. i don't.) and his is jack.

how long did you know each other before you started dating?

we met while working at rockford fosgate when i was 19 (hmmm...that would be in 2000). he was dating my best friend from 5th grade whom i hadn't spoken to or seen since 5th grade, and i broke up with my current boyfriend at the time to date the guy who would later become my first son's "sperm donor," for lack of a better term. we both got fired, and kept in touch via e-mail until several years later where he sent me a survey and i responded asking him if he wanted to get together that night. that night was february 27, 2004, and in 8 days we will have been together for 5 years. to answer the actual question, about 3 1/2 years.

who asked whom out?

i totally got ahead of myself on that last question!

how old are each of you?

i just turned 28 and he is 34, about to turn 35 in june.

whose siblings do you see the most?

since i have no siblings, that would be his.

which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?

currently, although we have worked out most of the kinks, that would definitely have to be adjusting to being parents. nothing compared to the stress our relationship endured pre-baby and pre-marriage, but that i'd rather not discuss.

did you go to the same school?

not so much.

are you from the same home town?

nope. i was born in merrillville, in and lived there until i was 7. moved to california when i was 7 and then to phoenix, az when i was 10. was there until this past august. phil was born in garrison, nd, and lived in montana and wyoming before ending up in phoenix to go to devry.

who is smarter?

phil is by far the smartest. some may say he's a genius. i am highly intelligent, but i have to work for it, whereas he just gets it, whatever "it" may be. everyone says jacob is going to be, "smart like his daddy," and we find this to be hilarious.

who is the most sensitive?

that may or may not be me. i'll let you take a guess!

where do you eat out most as a couple?

the town we currently reside in does not offer much in the way of great restaurants. in phoenix, we definitely frequented jason's deli and los favoritos for good, cheap eats. when we wanted fancy it was always the melting pot.

where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

from phoenix to north dakota.

who has the craziest exes?

phil has dated some weird chicks, in my opinion, but i have dated some crazy mofo's. i think this one goes to me.

who has the worst temper?

i am quicker to get angry, but when phil gets mad - which is not very often - he gets MAD.

who does the cooking?

we both do. i didn't really start cooking until about 2 years ago. we ate out a lot. now he usually cooks breakfast foods, and does the grilling. or if i don't feel like cooking, he'll take over.

who is the neat-freak?

me, by far.

who is more stubborn?

ha! again, me.

who wakes up earlier?

we pretty much get up at the same time now that we have a baby.

where was your first date?

we met at the vine tavern & grill, and then went to some shady bar to watch a band play.

who is more jealous?

neither of us has ever given the other reason to be jealous, but it would definitely be me if given a reason.

how long did it take to get serious?

a lot longer than my past relationships, but that was a good thing. we were together from the first night we went out, but it wasn't until we had been together for 6 months that we said i love you. although, i knew i loved him long before that.

who eats more?

i eat more often, he eats more food.

who does the laundry?

we each do our own. and not because i haven't offered to do his.

who's better with the computer?

i would say we are just about equal on this one. i just have less patience to figure shit out, so i let him.

who drives when you are together?

i do. he is considered legally blind. i have always been the driver, picking my friends up back in the day, driving all over god's creation, so this doesn't bother me a bit. i actually prefer it.