Monday, December 8, 2008

weekend wrap-up

what's up, peeps? i am taking a moment while my teething baby is napping to take a few deep breaths and de-stress. the poor monka monk is getting his first toofer and he is a little fussy. he has not been too bad until these last couple of days, so hopefully today or tomorrow the little bugger will pop thru already and leave my normally happy baby alone!

this weekend was pretty eventful, for me anyhow . started out friday night with twilight. can't say i really liked it. this could either be because it was not that great (my personal opinion), or because in my mind no matter how good i may think the movie is, if i see it after reading the book it never matches up. matches? is that the word i'm looking for? santa, for christmas i would really like my brain back. thanks, rach. but newayz! most of the character's were nothing like a pictured and the movie itself was really slow. again, maybe that is because i have already read the book, knew what was going to happen, and was anxious. what'd you think?

we did some shopping on saturday and i finally caved and forked over far too much cash for a winter coat. a winter coat that makes my hair stand on end. lovely. scotch guard here i come. we also went to a craft show and i got the monk a few toys from a place called discovery toys. they had some really cool stuff that i think the monk will like (he is finally starting to like toys, yay!) and i am sort of toying with the idea of becoming an independent consultant. not sure if that's my cup of tea, but i am going to mull it over. if nothing else, i could get some really original toys for the boy and his future sibling.

saturday night we ordered thai food and had game night at my place. mad gab, cranium family edition, and uno, or YOUKNOW! as my mother-in-law likes to say. =) we had lots of fun and i totally stunk everyone out of the room with my ass at one point. i don't know why, but pregnancy and nursing seem to affect my ass in ways that are just not human. TMI? i keep getting the visual of my mom-in-law covering her face with her shirt, and then peeking out for just one second to say, "WHERE ARE YOUR CANDLES?!" before stuffing it back in. the hilarity, it was almost too much.

sunday we had a nutritious breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, and buttery english muffins. nutrition was my middle name this weekend, folks. i may or may not have eaten my weight in food. it stands to reason that the week of thanksgiving i lose weight, and the week after i stuff myself incessantly. i was so damn hungry, i even took a pregnancy test. the third in the past 5 months, in fact. 'twas negative. thank god. we are (sort of) taking precaution against that but i am so fearful of getting knocked up again so soon that at the slightest hint of what could maybe be a pregnancy symptom (i totally just typed system), i pee on one of those bad boys just to ease my mind.

last night i made a memory book of jacob for my parents as a christmas gift (i really hope my mom doesn't read this), and it is so awesome, i am going to make one of my wedding pics. unfortunately, my wedding pics are formatted so that the heads are chopped off in a lot of them and so i need to find someone or somewhere to take the disc and have them fixed. =( i was hoping that uploading the pics to would magically fix that issue since i have been avoiding dealing with it for the past 11 months, but alas, it did not.

today it is snowy and icy, and 11 degrees out so monk and i are just going to hang out with auntie and lu dog (who turns 3 today!). maybe if it clears up by tonight i will go to boot camp and sweat my ass - and all of those calories i consumed this weekend - off. luckily, since boot camp got cancelled on all but one wednesday of the month, WTF, i have an extra day before weigh in. think i'll go make some cookies!