Thursday, November 20, 2008

silly me!


i forgot to tell you that you are still getting up at night...i did, however, decide the day after your 5 month update that i couldn't handle getting up 3 times a night anymore. after doing some research, we chose to let you cry and the first night was absolute hell. i laid in bed listening to you cry for nearly an hour, feeling like my heart was being ripped to shreds, before i finally got up and read what to expect the first year by stove light to reassure myself that it was okay to let you cry and i wasn't being the most terrible, negligent mother in the world. it was rough. the next night you cried for a few minutes and that was it and then the night after you slept all the way through. sometime during the month you reverted to getting up at least once, usually between 4-6am and sometimes i would indulge you. when i talked to the doctor she told me you are a big boy and since you weren't eating much baby food and are a breastfed baby that it was possible that you really were hungry and it was okay to get up with you. so last night what did you do? you slept through the night! i don't hold much hope that this will stick, but i have a feeling now that you're eating more throughout the day that it will taper off soon enough.

also, auntie and i took you to bismarck today for some shopping and you were so good! you slept almost the entire way there and when you did wake up you just babbled and played with your toys until we got to our destination. you hung out in your stroller while we shopped and never made a peep, and then slept the entire way home. i actually had to wake you up when we got home! it was the most pleasant car ride we've taken yet.

right now you and daddy are playing and you are giggling your little butt off. daddy is bouncing you from side to side and lu dog is running in circles around you. you are cracking up! have i ever told you how happy your giggle makes me? because baby giggles should totally be bottled up and sold as anti-depressants. they are that good.