Wednesday, June 4, 2008

boob juice

so no one told me that breastfeeding was not as easy as it sounds. or if they did, i did not hear them! although it's gotten easier since we brought the monkey home, it is most definitely one of the most difficult things i've ever done. i haven't threatened to give up, because i am bound and determined to make it work, but i have invested a lot of time and money in the past 16 days in order to do so. the good news is that the monk is latching properly now and after a 3 day hiatus due to a torn nipple (OUCH!!!), we're back at it and luckily he doesn't seem to have a preference. however, i think my pump and i have formed a closer bond than the monkey and my boob have!!! now i just need to figure out how to gauge whether he's done with one and ready for the other or done altogether. i think it would be easier if he wasn't such an oinker, but this little boy eats 5 oz at every feeding!!! what a piggy. =) wish us luck as we continue this wonderful adventure!!!


Maternal Mirth said...

Ooooh, honey ... I know. It starts out difficult/confusing/wtf??? BUT it gets easier, I promise. I am a boob pro.

My #1 suggestion: get a HAND pump, not an electric one.

Another handy tip: feed in the bath. You can multi-task like an SOB. Wash baby, wash you and have some water handy to squelch the burning sensation of your nipples being RIPPED OFF your body.

Give handsome Monkey a smootch for me :)

LittleRazz said...

Sounds like you're doing everything right. I think most women keep the bloody nipple stories to themselves so as not to make the pregnant ladies pass out. But I promise it gets much, much easier - even lovely. Despite the bloody torn nipples and recurrent thrush infections that spread to the babes, I love breastfeeding and will remember the time I spent feeding my girls as some of the sweetest times of my life. Before you know it, he will be running away from you at the mall or yelling, "No, Mommy! I can do it myself." Love you and monkey!