Saturday, April 26, 2008

dream weaver

first of all, i'd like to say that i was woken up at 7:15am this morning by my dog licking the back of my neck. 7:15am. so now here i am typing this damn thing when i should be enjoying my last few days of sleep before monkey's arrival. SHOOT! that dog is lucky i love her.

also, i have not had one dream about the monkey since we found out it was a girl (long story, most of you reading this should already know). not even a baby mama dream where i leave him in the shopping cart and walk out of the grocery store. nada! speaking of baby mama - totally want to see that movie. has anyone seen it? should i suffer through 2 hours 8 months pregnant to see it?

but newayz! i am starting to get to the point where i've realized that HOLY SHIT i am about to have a baby! not in a, "i can't handle this, what am i going to do?!" kind of way, but more along the lines of, "WOW, i am finally going to get to hold this little monkey i have been making for 9 months" kind of way. and i'm excited, anxious, and exhilarated all at the same time. i just wish i knew when it was going to go down. and that it would happen soon! i should probably go out and do something that i don't want to go into labor doing, and BLAM! i'd go into labor. too bad i'm too lazy for all that. think i'll take a walk instead. ;)


Maternal Mirth said...

You are now on my blogroll, Monkey lady :)

You will find that blogging is the BEST therapy ever! Not only that, when you read about every other parents issues, yours don't seem as horrible. And you are not the drunkest one out there :)

Mish said...

Yay I can make comments now!

MELANIE said...

i am adding you as a "cool blogger". as you are cool and are now a blogger. i can't wait to hear more about all this fun crap!